The Mists of Felhardt, Session #1

The Journey Begins

The lands of Durlai are being plagued with monster attacks and there is a heavy mist spreading across the entire valley.

The party began their adventure in the southeast poor markets of Felhardt, staying at a humble Inn, the Poignant Lizard. Having taken a job to find the source of the encroaching mists and stop the monster attacks within, the party searched for information in the markets. This job would reward them with gold and an estate within the city. After some searching, the party found a merchant named Bregnan Burblecut, who was struggling to complete his trade routes to Gildenleaf in the south. The party struck a deal. They would accompany his wagon with their friend hidden in a crate to Gildenleaf for a reward, each member of the party being allowed to select an item from his special collection and a sum of gold.

After preparations, the party ventured south along the road to Wightwood. After a day’s travel, the heroes made camp. As they rested, it appeared a member of the party fell asleep during her watch. The party’s cart was beset by Ochre Jellies with their friend Shadow within a crate on the back. After a furious battle, the heroes triumphed.

The adventurers continued along the road, investigating wreckage and overturned carts along the way. With nights spent glimpsing shadows in the mist, they managed to reach Gildenleaf without further incident.



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